RELIFE RL-113 High Precision Diagonal Cutter

Delivery Time
1-3 Days


  • RL-113 Precision diagonal cutter, comfortable handle, non-slip and durable, sharp jaws for neat cutting
  • Suitable for cutting wires, redundant leads of components, insulating sleeves, nylon cable clips, cable ties, tapes, etc.
  • High-strength steel / Cut sharp / Small and portable / Ergonomics
  • Forged from high-strength manganese alloy steel, heat-treated by vacuum mesh, black anti-rust, and hardened on the pliers head, durable
  • Shear flat and sharp edge, the cutting edge is quenched at high temperature, the broken line is neat and not procrastinate, and it is easy to cut
  • Return spring design, humanized spring design, suitable for one-handed operation, automatic rebound, easy and fast operation
  • Comfortable handle, non-slip and durable, the handle is ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold

Package includes:

  • 1 x Pliers

R 90