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Pandora Digital

Pandora PRO Digital License 12 months Activation/Renew=R1400


Mobile Sea Tool (MST) 10 Credit Pack=R150

Mobile Sea Tool (MST) 03 Months Activation/Renew=R200

Mobile Sea Tool (MST) 06 Months Activation/Renew=R300

Mobile Sea Tool (MST) 12 Months Activation/Renew=R380


Unlock Tool 3 months License Activate/Renew = R350

Unlock Tool 6 months License Activate/Renew = R500

Unlock Tool 12 months License Activate/Renew = R800

Griffin-Unlocker Tool

Griffin-Unlocker 03 Months Activation/Renew =R550

Griffin-Unlocker 06 Months Activation/Renew =R800

Griffin-Unlocker 12 Months Activation/Renew =R1000

Chimera Tool

Chimera Tool (minimum 100 credits) 100 credits =R200

Chimera Tool Pro Activation/ Renew 1 year =R2300

Chimera Tool Samsung Activation/Renew 1 year =R1400

Hydra Digital License

Hydra Tool Digital License (3 Months)= R530

Hydra Tool Digital License (6 Months)= R850

Hydra Tool Digital License (12 Months)= R1150


Sigma Plus 6 Months Activation/Renew =R850

Sigma Plus 12 Months Activation/Renew =R1150

Phoenix Service Tool

Phoenix Service Tool minimum 10credits =R200



TFM Tool Pro

TFM Tool Pro minimum 10 credits =R180

TFM Tool Pro 03 Months Activation/Renew=R350

TFM Tool Pro 12 Months Activation/Renew=R500

TFM Tool Pro 24 Months Activation/Renew=R800

UMT Box/Dongle

UMT Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation/Renew=R470

UMT Emmc & Ultimate HST Tool Activation=R250

NCK Box/Dongle

NCK Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation/Renew=R470

Avengers Box/Dongle

Avengers Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation/Renew=R470

Cheetah Tool Pro

Cheetah Tool minimum 10 credits =R180

Cheetah Tool Pro 03 Months Activation/Renew=R550

Cheetah Tool Pro 06 Months Activation/Renew=R750

Cheetah Tool Pro 12 Months Activation/Renew=R1000

EMT (EME Mobile Tool)

EME Mobile Tool (EMT) 10 Credits =R250

EME Mobile Tool (EMT) Standard Edition License Activation=R850

TR Tool Pro

TR Tool Pro 1 Year Activation/Renew=R1000


DFT PRO TOOL 1 Year Activation/Renew=R1100
ZXW Online Account Activation (1 Year)=R920

Octoplus Box/Dongle Activations

Octoplus Server Credits minimum100 credits =R200

Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation=R1500

Octoplus Samsung Activation=R1300

Octoplus LG Activation=R1300

Octoplus FRP Tool Activation=R850

Octoplus Huawei Digital License

Octoplus Huawei 3 Month Digital License=R560
Octoplus Huawei 6 Month Digital License=R980
Octoplus Huawei 1 Year Digital License=R1280
Octoplus Samsung Digital License

Octoplus Samsung 3 Month Digital License=R560
Octoplus Samsung 6 Month Digital License=R980
Octoplus Samsung 1 Year Digital License=R1280
Octoplus LG Digital License

Octoplus LG 3 Month Digital License=R560
Octoplus LG 6 Month Digital License=R980
Octoplus LG 1 Year Digital License=R1280
Octoplus FRP Digital License

Octoplus FRP 3 Month Digital License=R560
Octoplus FRP 6 Month Digital License=R980
Octoplus FRP 1 Year Digital License=1280
Octoplus Full Digital License

Octoplus Full 3 Month Digital License=R1280
Octoplus Full 6 Month Digital License=R1800
Octoplus Full 1 Year Digital License=R2500


E-GSM Tool Activation 1 Year=R1100

Android Root Tool [ART]

Android Root Tool [ART] 1 Year Activation 1 Pc=R570

Infinity DONGLE

Infinity [CM2] 1 year Renew Activation=R700

Infinity [CM2] 2 year Renew Activation=R1000

20 Credits R120
50 Credits R290
100 Credits R580
200 Credits R1100

EFT Pro Dongle

EFT Pro Dongle 1 Year Renew Activation=R500

EFT Pro Dongle 2 Year Renew Activation=R680

EFT Pro Digital License

Eft Pro Digital License 01 Months Activation=R300

Eft Pro Digital License 03 Months Activation=R650

Eft Pro Digital License 06 Months Activation=R1100

Eft Pro Digital License 12 Months Activation=R1600


Z3x 30 Credits Pack WITH ( New Account )=R700

Z3x Samsung Pro Tool Activation for Pandora Box=R1150 (this Activation need Pandora Box)

Z3x Samsung Pro Activation=R1150

Z3x LG  Activation=R1150

Furious Gold

Furious Gold Renew=R1300

Furious Gold Credits Normal credits price 10 credits =R200

10 Multipurpose Logs need 18 credits=R360

50 Multipurpose Logs need 80 credits=R1550

GA Pro Tool Read Code By IMEI

1 Credits=1Phone 

05 Credits=R70

10 credits=R130

15 credits=R200

20 credits=R250

50 Credits =R600

100 credits=R1000

No need Activation just Registration From tool & buy Credits Tool link

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