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Replacement Smart Card for Octoplus/Octoplus Pro/Medusa Pro/Medusa Pro II/Octopus

Delivery Time
1-3 Days

A smart card to replace your damaged card from Octoplus/Octoplus Pro/Medusa Pro/Medusa Pro II/Octopus box or dongle.

How to Transfer Your Activations

Before placing your order, please submit a request to [email protected]

Compatible Boxes / Dongles

  • Octoplus / Octoplus Pro
  • Medusa Pro / Medusa Pro II
  • Octopus

Activations in your possession will be transferred within warranty period to a new box, if the old card was damaged and the replacement was approved as a repair measure by technical support. Non-warranty box activations in case of loss, card damage or theft, can be transferred to other box or dongle that belongs to you, or newly purchased box or dongle, whereas some limitations may apply, within period of 6 months after last of any server operation or card update. In cases of loss or theft, you must contact technical support by means of email as soon as possible to block unauthorized use of your equipment.


R 600